The homepage is where you can do a quick scan of important, helpful information. Today's attendance, relevant incidents, and behaviors for a particular group of students can all be found here. Birthdays and important dates are also displayed on the homepage. Select a group from the dropdown at the top of the page in order to view the same information for a more specific grouping of students. Dynamic groups can be set up to display on the homepage so all staff members can be aware of when students are in those groups. These groups will be listed first, with default groupings for absences, incidents, and behaviors below. 

Note that you can also change the date in the "As Of" date picker menu. This allows you to see group membership and absences for previous dates.

Depending on how your SIS data is synced into Schoolrunner, non-school days may show up automatically. If your data is synced in via Clever, you may need to set up calendar days so our system knows which dates school shouldn't be in session.