From the Configure page, you can select "Add Course" to create a brand new course in Schoolrunner. Any courses created this way will exist solely within Schoolrunner, and have no connection to any courses that exist in your SIS. Fill out the relevant details for your course:

  • Name – the name of your course.
  • Course Length – how long are students enrolled for? This selection also determines grading methodology options (i.e., you can't get a semester grade for a course that's only one quarter).
  • Course Type – for student performance analysis. See more here.
  • Department – also for analysis purposes.
  • Grade Level – not required, but may be helpful for organizational purposes, or to differentiate similar courses for different grade levels.
  • Sections – which sections of students take this course? These sections come from your SIS and are managed entirely there. Only students in sections linked to a course can get grades for that course.
  • Credits – for GPA calculation.
  • Grading Scale Set – choose the grading scale set that should interpret student results and assign them As, Bs, Cs, etc.
  • Ignore Modified Grading Scales – if students have IEP or modified grading scale accommodations, should this course ignore them? This depends on IEP/grading scale info syncing into Schoolrunner from your SIS.
  • Active – should this be an active course?

It's recommended to leave the "Default Options" as they are. The only reason to change these is if you want to ensure that the settings for this course are not affected by changes made to school-wide setting changes.