The Schoolrunner mobile app allows teachers to quickly and conveniently log class attendance, behavior, and communication records. It’s also easy to update student and staff pictures using your mobile device's camera.

Home Screen and Menu

Upon logging in, the first screen you see is a list of your favorite groups. These can be your homeroom, the team you coach, or any other group that has been created on the Groups page in the Schoolrunner web app. This allows you quick access for logging behaviors and/or communication. Learn more about student groups in the mobile app here. You can access the menu, along with your settings and current day’s sections, by swiping from the left or clicking on the three-bar menu button in the upper-left.

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Select the "Communications" tab from the menu and tap a student's name to access their profile page. Tap any phone number to make a call directly from the app. Add multiple students you want to call later to your starred list by tapping on the star next to their name or photo. When you’re done with your call you’ll be able to easily log notes on what the call was about. Once you call one of the starred students, the student will be removed from your starred list. (Pro tip: Use your phones voice-to-text feature to make logging phone call details a breeze!)


To log a communication without actually calling, swipe left on the phone number and fill out the fields. Tap "Save" and your communication logging will be complete. Note: this feature only allows you to log records as a phone call, not as an email, text, in-person talk, etc.


Class Attendance

To take class attendance, look down to the "Sections" part of your slideout menu, and choose the section you want. Then, select the "Class Attendance" tab at the bottom of the screen. Tap students to cycle through the list of attendance codes for each student.

You can also take class attendance using the grid view at top right. Use the "Save Attendance" button and see your class attendance percentage update.

Note that it is only possible to take attendance for course sections (which are managed in your SIS). It's not possible to record attendance for your saved groups.


Select multiple students on the "Behavior" tab and assign them all a behavior at once. Tapping "Record Behavior" allows you to record any behavior you want, or quickly select a favorite or recently-used behavior. Use the heart icon to create a new favorite behavior, or edit an existing favorite to add your comments.

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