On the Settings pate, the "Slips" category gives you the ability to customize what appears on your student behavior slips. This is useful for including all the information you want to share with parents and students and none of the information you don’t want to share.

  • Printing Options: Toggling "Yes" or "No" allows you to control what dates are printed, whether slips will be in color, and if they will be scaled to just one page.

  • Breakout Slip Information by Date: If "No" is selected, the behavior summary will be organized by your school’s core values.

  • Academics: Hide Course Grades by selecting "Yes". Completely hide the recent assessment summary by selecting "Yes".

  • Attendance: By default, slips don’t display the following options, but they can be included by toggling to "Yes" or by adding information to the respective field.

  • Behavior: Determine what behavioral information will appear on your slips. Include point totals, balances, and more.

  • Communication: Share the recent communication history for that student on your slips. This summary includes the type of each communication.

  • Date, Detention & Fees: Depending on when your school prints and shares slips, you may want to include the current school day, have the week start on a day other than Monday, include detention information, and give students/families the information they need in order to pay relevant school fees. Set those options here: