Do you refer to students as scholars? Do you use a special term for your demerits? All settings under the "Naming Conventions" section the Settings page are optional but recommended in order to maintain continuity between your school and your Schoolrunner system.


Behavior TypesWhat you prefer to call negative behaviors (infractions, offenses, etc.)

Demerit - The name of the unit a negative behavior earns

HomeroomHow you refer to homerooms, e.g. 'advisories', 'register classes', etc.

Merits/Cash - The name of the unit a positive behavior earns

Merits/Cash All - How you refer to a student’s total merit balance

Name Display - How you would like names to be displayed

Show Middle Names - Whether you would like middle names displayed for staff and students

Staff - How you refer to your staff as a whole (not individually)

Staff Member - The terminology you use to refer to staff members at your school

State Student Number – If your students have a state student number, what do you call it?

Student - Do you prefer to call your students 'scholars', 'Blue Hawks', etc.?