You can turn detention on or off on the Settings page. Look for the "Detention" category, and the settings contained within.

Attaching detention values to your behaviors allows them to accumulate and earn detentions. If your school uses these values and wants to give scholars detentions based on the accumulation of detention values, select "Yes" for the "Detention" setting. See more here and here.

If your students can also receive lunch detentions, and you want to track these detentions separately from standard detentions, select "Yes" for the "Lunch Detention" setting.

Does your school have a specific term used instead of "detention"? Be sure to specify that language here to ensure continuity throughout your site. Do the same for lunch detentions, if you use them.

By default, detentions can be served at any time. If you want detentions earned today to be served the next school day, select "Yes" for "Detentions – Served Tomorrow".

Using the "Reset Detentions" button on the Detentions page clears detentions. If you want to set default numbers for what to to leave, you can set that number here (this will still be editable on the Detentions page itself). You can do the same for lunch detentions. If, when you reset detentions, you want partially-earned detentions to reset as well, select "Yes" here. The same goes for partial lunch detentions.

If you want detentions to be served only on certain days, indicate those days in the "Eligible Days" settings.