This "Culture" category on the Settings page allows you to determine important culture goals for your school, such as whether you’ll use a demerit and merit system, which fields are required when recording incidents, and more.

  • Default Class Attendance from Daily Attendance: When a student's attendance status is set for Daily Attendance, this will be their default status in Class Attendance throughout the day.

  • Default Code for Daily Attendance: On the Daily Attendance page, you can have a default code pre-selected. This makes checking students in even faster.

  • Hide Dollar Symbol: Some schools use a cash program to allow students to earn rewards based on merits. This is completely optional. Use this button to hide or show the currency symbol.

  • Required Incident Fields: You can require certain fields are completed when a staff member enters an Incident. Select those fields here so you can be sure to gather all required information.

  • Show All Sections on the Class Attendance Page: You can choose whether teachers have access to all sections every day, or just the sections we see as meeting today.

  • Show Demerit Time: Including a demerit picker when entering behaviors allows teachers to specify when a certain behavior happened, beyond when it is entered.

Note: dark blue text indicates your selection(s) on all dropdown menus.

  • Student Barcode Value: If you use a scanner to scan barcodes for attendance in your front office, you can connect that to Schoolrunner using this setting.

  • Use Demerits: Do you track demerits separately from merits, rather than an overall balance?

  • Week Start Day: Indicate which day your school week begins if it doesn’t start on Monday.

  • Weekly Deposits: If you give students a weekly deposit, setting this to Yes will ensure that this is taken into account when calculating weekly averages.