Visit the Settings page to view sitewide assessment settings. Be sure that you have the correct permission to access the Settings page. Note that these settings apply to your entire school. If you're looking for more specific settings, you may want to learn more about options available on individual assessments.

The following settings control how assessments are imported into Schoolrunner, including imports from other platforms:

  • Create New Objectives from Assessment Import: If the assessment that you import has standards attached to it that are not presently linked to the selected course in Schoolrunner, do you want them added to that course's present list of standards?

  • Default to Teacher Sections on Import: When creating an assessment, the Add Assessment page will only show sections that are linked to the selected teacher.

The following options have fields which allow you to specify which values Schoolrunner should expect to see in the "Student" column for imported files from other platforms. (Schoolrunner also handles imports from other platforms not listed here, including EADMS, Remark, Edusoft, and more. View the full list here.) These values can be things like "SIS ID", "Schoolrunner ID", or even "Name".

Other Settings
  • Using GradeCam: This allows you to utilize Schoolrunner’s GradeCam integration.

  • Group Students by Section: This setting controls whether or not students are grouped according to section/class when importing assessments

  • Use Beta GradeCam SDK: If your school wants to use Schoolrunner’s GradeCam integration, this beta version turns on the untested beta features which may or may not affect performance.