On the Settings page, you can find setting categories for both general academics and standards-based academics. This is where you will determine your default grading scale set, how/if you use standards-based grading (SBG), minimum scores, calculation options, and more. Here is an explanation of each option that you'll find on this page, starting with the "Academics" category.

  • Default Grading Scale Set: This is the grading scale set that is automatically assigned to all course

  • Minimum Grade: If students are not allowed to receive zeros, indicate the minimum score they can receive here. Leave blank for no minimum.

  • Show Grading Scale Levels: When adding an assessment, do you want teachers to have a drop-down menu that allows them to deselect certain levels for that assessment?

  • Exclude Missing Scores From Grade: Do you want missing assessments to be excluded from grade calculations?

  • Progress Report Columns: Select or deselect categories that you want included on progress reports. In the list, blue indicates items selected, gray indicates items not selected

The "Standards-Based Grading" section is where you will determine how SBG will function at your school, if this is how you calculate course grades.

  • Default to Standards-Based Grading: Do you want courses to be set to SBG automatically?

  • Objective Level for Grading: Do you want sub-objectives displayed individually on report cards? If so, leave blank. If you want them rolled up into parent categories, indicate the level up to which you want them rolled. Entering 1 here rolls sub-skills into the top-most level of the objective tree, 2 to the second level, etc.

  • Limit Grades to Assessed Standards: If a student has not yet been assessed on all skills and standards, should his or her grade be limited by the percentage of skills on which he or she has been assessed?

  • Calculate Bucket Scores First: Do you want objectives to be separated and calculated by methodology bucket category (i.e. homework, classwork, quizzes, etc.)? Select "No" if you prefer to see one mastery percentage for each objective.

  • Number of Most Recent Assessments: For your SBG system, how many of the most recent times that a standard has been assessed do you want to include in your course grades? Leave blank to include all assessments.

  • Weight of Most Recent Assessments: This controls the percentage value of the number of assessments indicated above. If you entered a number above, you must enter a value here. For example, entering 100 makes the number of assessments entered above count for 100% of the grade. Entering 60 here makes the above assessments count for 60% of the grade, with the other 40% being made up of all older assessments.