Behavior systems in Schoolrunner are configurable so that your school can record treat behaviors the way you want. Start by setting up your behavior types on the Edit Behaviors page, accessed via the Configure page. Read on for an overview of the different parts of behaviors and behavior systems that all work together.

Detention Scale and Detention Values

If you have detentions turned on in your site settings, the top of the Edit Behaviors page there is a field labeled "Detention Scale". The number you enter here determines the number of detention values a student must earn before he or she is assigned a detention.

In order for students to accumulate detention values, and eventually detentions, values must be assigned to individual behaviors. In this example, any student assigned the behavior of "Forgery" will receive eight detention values towards the twelve he or she needs to receive an actual detention.

**Note: Demerit values are completely separate from detention values. If you want a behavior to apply towards earning a detention, it must have a detention value.**

Merits and Demerits

Unlike detention values, merits and demerits don’t necessarily lead to a consequence. Merits and demerits simply serve as a tally or indicator of a student’s behavior. One of the ways you can set up your behavior system is to have the positive and negative behaviors create an overall balance. For example, if Michael received four negative points for a major uniform violation but then received one positive point for asking a great question the same day, he would have a single balance of three demerits for the day. To do this, use negative and positive numbers in the "Cash Value" field.

As you can see, you only enter numbers in the Cash value field. Behaviors you want to discourage ("Major Uniform Violation") are assigned a negative value, and good behaviors ("Asked a Great Question") are assigned a positive value. It's also possible to add demerit values, but these won't affect the overall balance.

**Note: Using a dollar sign along with Cash value is optional and can be toggled on/off in Settings. Turning it off simply displays merit counts as an integer.**

Merits and Demerits – Count

If you want your demerits and merits to be counted separately you will use both the "Demerit" and "Cash value" fields. Using the same example, the "Major Uniform Violation" would look as follows, with a positive number in the "Demerit value" field.

The "Asked a Great Question" behavior would be identical to the previous configuration, set up with a positive value in the "Cash value" field.