Student credentials to access Schoolrunner can be generated in two ways: individually or by group. Both methods generate a .pdf file that lists student usernames, passwords, and the address at which the student can log in. Once generated, credentials cannot be reprinted; they can only be overwritten by new credentials (with new passwords). Please save the .pdf documents if you wish to reprint credentials without overwriting passwords. If your students use Google or Clever accounts to log in to Schoolrunner, credentials must be managed in those systems.

By Individual Student

To generate credentials for an individual student, begin typing his or her name into the Quick Search box at the top of any page. When the student's full name comes up, click on it to visit his or her student page. Look for the "Generate/Reset Credentials" button in the top right-hand corner. By clicking this button, a .pdf tile will be created and downloaded with the student’s new access information.

By Group

To generate credentials by group, start on the Configure page, under the "Setup" menu. Click on "Generate Student Access Credentials", under the People>Students heading to see the following screen.

Choose a group from the dropdown menu. Groups can be homerooms, sports teams, select cohorts of students, or entire grades, depending on what your school has already set up on the Groups page. Select "Yes" to produce new credentials for the entire group or "No" to generate credentials only for students in the group who don’t yet have credentials. Once you hit the "Generate Credentials" button, a .pdf file will download.

Note that if you select "No" for "Overwrite Existing Credentials", and all the students in your chosen group already have login credentials, no new credentials will be generated and the .pdf file will be blank.