If you have a large amount of new staff members that all need Schoolrunner accounts, you don't need to create user accounts individually. You can use the "Bulk Create Users" tool to create accounts in one fell swoop. This depends on the presence of staff member records that aren't currently tied to any user account. Learn about the important difference between staff members and users here.

Start on the Edit Users page (accessed via the Configure page).

Once on the Edit Users page, select "Bulk Create Users" from the upper righthand side of the screen.

Select all staff members you would like to create users for from the dropdown menu. Select "All" to create all users at once. Note, however, that if you have multiple schools in your network, any users you create this way will automatically have access to the school in which you're currently logged into. It's recommended to bulk create users like this only for those staff members that will be working in the school that you're logged into. You can switch schools and then create users for that next school.

It's also important to understand which staff member records will show up here. Only staff member records that are active, unlinked to a user account, and have an email address that isn't already used by some other user will appear.

You can also automatically assign all the new users to a particular group (such as Teacher in the example below), giving them all the permissions associated with that group. Note: staff members are not notified when they are added to the system so be sure to follow up with them to let them know!

You can assign new users an initial password to make logging in the first time easy. If you don't choose to do this, staff members will need to use the "Forgot your password?" function on the login page in order to set their own password. To do this, they need to use their work email address (or whatever address is associated with their staff member record in your SIS). Learn more about resetting your password here.