Grading scales translate a numeric score into a description or achievement level. That could be an A, B, or C letter grade, a mastery level, a STEP level, or any other scale used by your school. Create the grading scales to be used by your entire school by clicking on "Edit Grading Scales" on the Configure page.

Schoolrunner comes with a conventional letter grade already created. Edit this scale to reflect your school’s needs. In the "Grading Scales" box, click the pencil icon for "Letter Grade" and then click the pencil icons for individual letter grades. This allows you to determine the GPA value, the name as it will appear in your system, and what percentages correspond with that grade. Click the lock icon to collapse the row (you'll still have to save your overall changes).

To create a new grading scale, click the copy icon in the upper right of an existing scale. This reproduces the original grading scale and allows you to rename and modify it to reflect other scales in use at your school.

For example, if you use mastery grading rather than a percentage, assign appropriate numerical values and enter a comment (which shows up on report cards and student pages) if desired. Deselect "Is a percentage scale?" to specify that this scale is not linked to a percent value. You can also use abbreviation for any longer or more descriptive names (maximum of 15 characters).

If you want a certain grading scale to be used at only one of the schools in your network, specify the school using the dropdown menu. By default, Schoolrunner provides access to all scales for all schools in your network.

Grading Scale Sets

The grading scales that appear on the left are your individual grading scales. On the right side of the page you can group them into sets. These sets appear in the dropdown menus when importing an assessment, reviewing mastery breakdowns, or when editing course pages. Note: each scale should be put in its own set.

Drag and drop your new scale into a grading scale set to make it available for use across Schoolrunner. Don’t forget to save!

Note: You cannot use a STEP grading scale as a grading scale for a course. Course grades have to be based on a percentage. Want to show a STEP grade on a report card? Use the "Highlight on Report Card" option on the assessment, found in the "Additional Options" section of the assessment page.