Your school objectives can be any set of achievement goals you set for your students and these help determine what standards are tracked by your school. You can pre-set objectives or have teachers create their own for their courses. Objectives are linked to a particular course and can be added from core standards or other objective resources. Begin by clicking Edit Objectives from the Configure page.

Next, select the course with which your objectives will align.

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Download the objective template to create your list of objectives.


Use this template to create your descriptions and codes for your objectives. Note: Values in the "Objective Code" column can have a maximum of 63 characters.

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Note: Parent Objective Code allows you to create a hierarchy with sub-objectives. This allows you to analyze objectives at a high level, such as essay writing, in addition to more specific sub-objectives such as transitions and conclusions.

The column labelled Active determines whether the corresponding objective should be active and accessible by teachers (denoted by a 1 in this column) or if it should be inactive and inaccessible to teachers (denoted by a 0 in this column).

If you use another objective program, use Alternate Code to track that program’s code as well as the code used by your school. This allows Schoolrunner to link that code into your Schoolrunner code when importing assessments. Drag and drop your completed template back into the Edit Objectives page.


Once completed, objective descriptions appear when analyzing and importing assessments. When objectives are inactive, they don’t show up in dropdown menus, while completing a template or on progress reports and report cards.

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Edit objectives at any time from the Edit Objectives page using the pencil icon. Add a description or change the code if an error was made. A change history is also displayed next to each objective.

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To add a new objective to an existing course, simply download the objective template and add the new objective. You can reorder and alter the template if desired. Once completed, drop it back onto the page. The list of objectives will update with any changes you’ve made.

Note: Objectives carry over from year to year so they only need to be added into Schoolrunner once. Edit objectives at any time. In order to access the objective template you must select the course it aligns with. The template will not appear until a course is selected from the dropdown menu.