On the Behaviors page, you can assign merits or demerits to individual students or entire groups. Groups of students can range from homerooms to dynamic groups that your school has configured. Behaviors can be tagged to correspond to core values, depending on what your school has implemented.

First, decide whether you want to log a behavior for a predetermined group of students or for an individual student (or a hand-picked selection of students). This is important because there are separate workflows for groups and individuals.

Group Behaviors

If you want to assign behaviors to a group, use the first gray box on the page (don't worry about the second gray box at all). Choose the group from the "Group" dropdown, pick the date for which you want to record the behavior, and make sure the correct staff member is selected in the "Staff" field. You'll notice that all the members of the group you selected show up below the second gray box on the page (this section is for recording behaviors for individual students, and you should ignore this section for the purpose of recording a group behavior).

On the first student's row, select the behavior you want to apply to the group. Enter a location, choose core values, and add comments as well. Then, click the small downward-facing arrow icon to copy the behavior and corresponding details down to the rest of the students in the group. You can also add extra behaviors for one or more students in the group by navigating to their individual rows.

Note: An alternate way of recording group behaviors is to choose the group from the "Select a Student" dropdown (see next section) and then click the + button to expand that group into its individual members. Then, follow the workflow in the next section for individual behaviors.

Individual Behaviors

To record behaviors for a single student (or for a hand-picked selection of students) use the second gray box on the Behaviors page. You can still adjust the date and staff member, but leave the "Group" dropdown alone to avoid mistakes.

Choose the student(s) for which you want to record behavior. You'll see them listed in orange beneath the dropdown menu instead of listed in individual rows like with recording group behaviors. Select the behavior you want to apply to the students, fill in additional details like location and comments, and hit "Save". 

You'll see a blue confirmation banner at the top of your screen after a successful save (this could take a minute if there are multiple behaviors logged for many students).