Slips are used to communicate students' weekly behavior, attendance, and academic information to parents and guardians – like an individualized summary. Slips are also an effective way for students to monitor their own progress. They're also very configurable – your school may have them set up to show academics but not behaviors, or vice versa. Read more about slip configuration here.

Students and guardians can see how many detentions students have earned during the week, records of communication home, and attendance information. All behaviors for the selected time period are displayed here, both positive and negative. Schools have the option to group behaviors by core value (as determined by the school and set up in Schoolrunner) or by day of the week. This example shows behaviors grouped by the school’s core values:

Students and guardians can also track students' academic progress, much like a weekly progress report. For this academic section, courses, teachers, and assessments for the selected time period are displayed:

Printing Slips From the Slips Page

Slips can be printed as often or as infrequently as desired. They can be printed for individual students (on student pages) or for groups (on the Slips page under the "Culture" menu). Most schools print out slips to be signed by parents/guardians on a weekly basis, but some do them daily.

Once you select a group and a date range on the Slips page, click the "Apply" button. Once slips have loaded for your group (which may take a minute or so for very large groups) use the "Print" link on the right-hand side above the first slip. Depending on the amount of records selected for each slip, some may run onto multiple pages.

Printing Slips From a Student Page

To print an individual student’s slip, type the student’s name into the Quick Search and click on his/her name to navigate to his/her page. Below the student’s basic information and grade summary are several tabs. The "Slip" tab allows you to view and print a slip for the chosen date as far back as the most recent Monday. Click the "Print" link in the top right-hand corner of the screen to print the selected slip.