Parents and students can both log into the Schoolrunner site. (Si prefiere instrucciones en Español, por favor vea el documento adjunto.) If you're a parent or guardian, learn how to create your account here.

On the Schoolrunner website, enter your username and password to access up-to-date progress reports and behavior information. Alternately, it may be possible to log in with your school-issued Google or Clever account, if your school has configured this option.

The landing page in the parent/student portal is the student’s slip. This shows a summary of behavior and academics over the past week. You can view past slips by selecting the desired date from the field labelled "Choose Slip Date" at the upper-right. Note that your slip may look different, and may not include both academic and behavioral information. The layout depends on how your school has configured slips.

In addition to the slip, you can see grades by clicking on "Grades" in the main menu. The grid shows you performance for each course for each grading term.

Hover over grades to view a summary of each course and its assessments:

Click "Progress Reports" from the main menu to review grades by course, term, assessment, grade earned and more. The filter options on the left of the page allow you to determine course, grading term, and more.

Lastly, the "Attendance" page gives an overview of tardies and absences earned by the student this year. Filters and a summary are available on the left side.