The Communication page is where you can log communication records and see a list of past records. It has two sections: in the upper area you can log a new record, and in the lower area you can view past records.

Log any communication made on behalf of a student by clicking the green plus-sign box. Then choose the student(s) in question, the person with whom you spoke, the mood of the interaction, the topic, how they were contacted, and any additional notes or comments. Tip: use the spacebar or your down arrow key to select student contacts and phone numbers when filling out the "Spoke To" or "Phone Number" fields, and save yourself from entering in data that's already in Schoolrunner!

Examples of communications commonly logged on this page include individual phone calls regarding academics or behavior, emails sent home detailing grades, text message announcements, etc.

All communications logged in the Schoolrunner system are listed in the second section of the Communication page. Use the filters to find exactly what you’re looking for, whether it’s all records pertaining to a certain topic, communication by a certain method (such as email or phone), all records logged by a particular staff member, or everything marked with a certain mood. The slider bar allows you to view everything within a time period of your choice, and you can also choose to view inactive records.

Look below the filter menu for a summary of all behaviors for the selected time period. This shows which types of communication are most common and where additional outreach may be useful.