Found under "Culture", the Detention page displays a roster of students who have earned detention today or have outstanding detentions to serve. It also allows you to mark students as having served their detention (removing an earned detention from their balance) and assign additional behaviors such as skipping their assigned consequence.

This page shows users if a student is required to serve detention due to accumulated detention values. When a detention is marked as served, you can also add a comment which will be visible on the student’s slip. Listed next to each student’s name is the number of detentions that s/he has to serve. You can hover the mouse over this number to see the behaviors that account for the earned detention. To learn more about the student detention explanation, click here.

Once a Student has served all of their detentions, they will drop off the roster entirely.

If you would like to mark multiple detentions as served at one time, you can edit the value "1" found next to the "Action" field to apply the selected action multiple times.

You can also set up other types of behaviors to appear on this page. Commonly used behaviors are those that indicate a detention has been skipped, served, etc. Try not to add too many behaviors to this list though, as you don't want the Detentions page to become cluttered with behaviors unrelated to detentions. Options within the "Select an Action" dropdown menu are all behaviors that have been previously created in your system (in "Edit Behavior Types" on the Configure page). Learn more about creating and using behaviors here and here.