The Class Attendance page, found under the "Attendance" menu, is where teachers spend much of their time. Every teacher’s sections are pre-populated on this page (based of SIS designations), and s/he can easily record absent students by clicking on student cards to cycle through attendance codes (or choosing them from the dropdown menu) before hitting the save button. Students are considered present by default on this page (i.e. no attendance code = present).

Aside from taking attendance, teachers can also assign behaviors by clicking on the red and green boxes in the upper corners above each student's photo. Any number in these boxes indicates how many merits or demerits a given student has earned so far in the day. Teachers can also hover over the number to see a daily behavior summary.


In the lower left-hand corner, teachers can track the amount of detentions a student has earned and has left to serve. Hover over this to see an accounting of which behaviors are behind the numbers.The box in the lower right-hand corner shows the student’s percentage in the class. Hover over this box to bring up a progress report and easily point out where a student has gained or lost points.


In the menu on this page, toggle "Projector Mode" to "Yes" to remove progress reports and detentions from the attendance grid. The coloring of each student card can be configured according to the number of merits and demerits they have earned, which needs to set up on the Groups page. This mode can be projected for the class to get a quick view of how they’re doing, and hopefully will encourage them to either keep up the good work or improve their behavior. Learn more about projector mode here.