There are a few ways to track daily attendance within Schoolrunner. Attendance records can be viewed on the Daily Attendance page, the Analysis page, student pages, and on the Student Dashboard page. (They can be created only on the Daily Attendance page or the Class Attendance page.)

To view records for an individual student, visit his/her student page by either clicking on the student's name or by typing it into the Quick Search bar. At the bottom of every student's page is a series of tabs. Click the "Attendance" tab to see a list of records.

You can also view attendance records on the Daily Attendance page or the on the Analysis page. The lower section of the Daily Attendance page lists all attendance records for the time period selected on the "Date" slider. You can also filter these records for specific students, groups, or attendance types (such as "Tardy", "Half Day", etc.). For the data displayed, there is a summary box as well that provides a count of each type of attendance record. (The screenshot below shows the "Additional Options" box collapsed; click to expand or collapse this element.)

You can also use the Analysis page to view attendance data many different ways. Choose the "Attendance" dataset and select from a large number of filters to focus on just the records that matter to you. You can view this data in chart form, in a configurable pivot table, or you can view and export the raw data.

The Student Dashboard page (found under the "Analysis" menu) provides high-level attendance information in the form of student, homeroom, or grade level attendance percentages. Use the boxes at the top of the page to determine which group of students and which dates to view. You can even hover over the percentage to see the numbers behind the percentage. Depending on your dashboard, the percentage here is based off the number of days a student has been enrolled and the number of days s/he has been absent from school (for a list of students), or an average of percentages across groups (for a list of groups).