Projector mode is an option on the Class Attendance page that allows teachers to display behavior statuses for their students in a clear, visual way. This is a useful tool both for updating students on their behavior status and for showing teachers a snapshot of how the students entering their class are doing that day. It's designed to give students and teachers a picture of how everyone is doing while still maintaining privacy around things like grades, detention, daily attendance, and behaviors.

The normal view of the Class Attendance page shows student photos along with attendance statuses, merit and demerit counts, course grades, and detention summaries (if your school uses detentions).

Click "Yes" on the menu bar to activate projector mode. Once in projector mode, you'll see a page that consists only of student cards. Here's a complete list of what changes when you will see when you enter projector mode:

  • Your seating chart is automatically organized and resized to fit on a single screen
  • Detention balances are removed
  • Course grades are removed
  • Daily attendance codes are removed (class attendance codes remain)
  • Student names cease to be hyperlinks
  • Student names cease to show student info when when you hover over them
  • You can no longer see a behavior summary by hovering over the merit/demerit counts
  • Student cards are color-coded according to any behavior groups that are configured with colors

If you're interested in color-coding student groups, see here for instructions. This allows the viewer – teacher or student – to easily check on behavior statuses.

Once you're in projector mode, you can still click on a student's merit or demerit box to log a new in-class behavior. Behaviors logged directly in projector mode will show up as soon as the record is saved. If a behavior is logged somewhere other than projector mode for a student who's on your screen (either by another teacher on a separate computer elsewhere in the school, or by you with the mobile app), that behavior will show up automatically within 60 seconds.

Any time you want to exit projector mode, you can either hit the "Esc" button on your keyboard or you can click the back button in your browser. 

Pro Tip: even though daily attendance codes are hidden in projector mode, you can still tell which students are absent from school! Any student whose imaged is faded out (see the first two students in the above two screenshots) has an absence code which indicates the student is not present in school.

Note: for sections that have seating charts, the chart will not be respected once projector mode is entered. This is necessary in order to automatically fit all students on one screen. When exiting projector mode, the seating chart will not reappear. It will be necessary to reload your section in order to view the seating chart on the Class Attendance page once again.