If your school intends to use Schoolrunner to record attendance, make sure you select "Yes" for the "Attendance" setting (found in "SIS Sync Settings" on the Settings page).

Next, collapse "SIS Sync Settings" and open "Culture".

You may want "Default Class Attendance From Daily" toggled to "Yes". This configures your attendance so that a student marked absent during first period is automatically marked as absent in his or her subsequent classes that day as well (unless his or her status is changed). For PowerSchool users, this reflects the setting that determines whether attendance should be taken once, during first period, or for every period.

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Any time an attendance record is created or edited on the Daily Attendance page the change will also be reflected on Class Attendance pages for the rest of the day. Use the form on the Daily Attendance page to fill out essential details, or click the "Scan Attendance" button in the upper right-hand corner of your screen (if your school has a barcode ID system).

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