The Daily Attendance page is mainly used by the front office to log and update student attendance records. The top part of this page allows a user to create a record for an individual student, multiple students, or a group.

Any records made on this page override and update attendance statuses created on the Class Attendance page. For example, if Billy shows up to the office during second period with a doctor’s note, he can be marked as "Tardy Excused" (or something similar – the terminology is specific to your school).

This updates his prior status of Absent, as recorded by his first-period teacher (assuming first period attendance codes are set up to determine daily attendance codes, Billy's class attendance record will still be "Absent" even though his daily attendance record will be updated).

Read a more detailed explanation of the interaction between class and daily attendance codes here.

If your school is already set up to scan barcodes on student IDs, click the "Scan Attendance" button in the upper right. The following window will appear, allowing you to scan student IDs:

Records are displayed further down the page. The current day’s records are shown by default, but the filter menu on the left enables you to easily select a different date or time range, a specific absence type or types, one or more schools within your network, and the status (active, inactive, or both) of records.

A couple other things to note:

  • Also note the "Summary" box below the filters shows a helpful overview of the records you're viewing. 
  • The action icons at the far right of each record allow you to edit, deactivate, print, or view the change history for a record.

Schoolrunner also makes it easy to download your information. Hover over the download icon in the filter menu and choose "Download" to receive a .csv file.

If you use PowerSchool as your SIS, you will also see "Download for PowerSchool Import". This produces formatted for import in to PS. Attendance information can also be automatically synced back into PowerSchool; contact your School Happiness Coordinator to learn more.