Schoolrunner pulls in all your student and course information from PowerSchool upon the initial sync. Afterward, Schoolrunner syncs with PowerSchool every four hours. So if, for example, parent contact information is updated in PowerSchool, that change is reflected in Schoolrunner in four hours or less.

It’s easy to download your data from Schoolrunner in order to make reports, transcripts, or to provide information to the state. Download your information as often as you like to keep up with daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly reporting. Look for the Download button or download icon on various pages, or use the Export page under the "Setup" menu.

In order for daily attendance to be taken in Schoolrunner, the field "daily_attendance_code" in PowerSchool must be changed to "1" for any period that determines daily attendance. This means that attendance recorded in any period with this designation (usually the first period) sets a student’s attendance for the day. This attendance can be subsequently updated, however, on Schoolrunner’s Daily Attendance page.

Note: Not all SIS’s function the same way as PowerSchool. We work with many other systems, and your process may differ based on the information your SIS is willing to export. Contact your Schoolrunner administrator to discuss your system.