If you want to view an individual student’s attendance history, navigate to his or her page using the quick search bar, and then select his or her "Attendance" tab. This displays an attendance summary for the time period selected in the filter menu.

You can also compare attendance records with parallel data on the Analysis page.

For example: choose the "Attendance" dataset, break out the data by month/week/quarter, and then select the student(s) you’re interested in from the "Student Filters/Enrollments & Demographics" tab. This shows you and overview of his or her attendance records. Hover over the bars to view a summary of the records and click on one of the bars to see the corresponding data.

If you want to refer back to this chart in the future, save it with a descriptive name. You can then retrieve it at any time, and even change the student(s) on the report to quickly check the same report criteria for different students.