The student dashboard, found under the "Analysis" menu, is where you can view grade, group, or homeroom-wide information. The dashboard provides a high-level view of important school information such as demographics, detentions, merits, demerits, absences, failing course numbers, and GPA. (Note: failing courses are determined by students with grade levels that have a GPA value of 0, as designated by yougrading scales.)

By default, the dashboard will load just today's information. You can change the date range to any timeframe you want; just be sure you're looking at your target date range because the information displayed on the dashboard will change according to the selected range.


Another helpful tip is to look at the URL in your browser's address bar. It tells you the ID of the student group you're currently viewing and also reflects the date range of the information currently on the dashboard.


Dive deeper into any data on the dashboard by clicking on the homeroom or grade level you’re interested in – the orange text on the left are all hyperlinks. The following image shows a more detailed view of Grade 12, listing all the homerooms and their respective information.

Now, viewing all homerooms, it’s easy to see that Duke is the homeroom with the highest GPA. Click on Duke for even more details and to view student-by-student information.

You can also download the data displayed on the dashboard as a spreadsheet. Once you've configured the dashboard to display the exact information you're looking for, click the "Download" button in the upper-right to generate and download a .csv file that displays the information in the exact same way that you're viewing it on the website.

Note: For the dashboard to work properly, you must have homeroom groups configured in your site. The dashboard depends on homeroom rosters for knowing which students are in which grades. Contact your Schoolrunner admin to ensure that homeroom rosters are up-to-date.