Your staff dashboard, found under the "Analysis" menu, shows an overview of staff information such as attendance, behaviors, communication, attendance taken, merits and demerits assigned, and the number of students failing courses. (Note: failing courses are determined by students with grade levels that have a GPA value of 0, as designated by your grading scales.)

The striped boxes indicate that a teacher has not yet taken attendance (which counts toward your school’s daily attendance). See more about configuring dashboard colors and thresholds here and here.

If you're at one of many schools in a network/district that use Schoolrunner, you may see staff members listed from other schools. The staff dashboard is designed to show all staff members who:

  1. are assigned to your school
  2. teach a course at your school
  3. have logged any behaviors, communication, or assessments at your school
  4. have taken class attendance at your school

For more specifics on attendance data on the staff dashboard, see this article.