Get a full picture of how your students are performing in your course(s) on the Analysis page. Start by choosing the "Student Assessment Scores" dataset.

Then, use the various filters to customize your report. For a basic report, choose "Assessment" as the "Breakout" option (in the "Chart Display" section). Then, move to the "Result Filters" section and ensure your name is selected under the "Teacher" menu. Check that you're looking at the right date range (you can use the dropdown menu or the date slider for this) and choose "Gradebook" so that the scores you get back reflect students' final grades.

When you hit the "Load Data" button, you'll see a bar chart of all your assessments get drawn up. If you want, you can configure how your report is displayed and organized as well. Learn more here.

You may also want to configure the pivot table for a different view of your assessment results. Click the "Pivot Table" tab and try choosing "Assessment Type" for your "Left" selection and "Assessment" for your "Left Breakout" selection. This will organize your results first by assessment type (quiz, homework, classwork, etc.) and then by specific assessments. Don't forget to select "Gradebook" in this view as well. Learn more about working with the pivot table here.

Once you've configured your report successfully, you can save it for easy access later on! Read this article to learn more about how to save your reports, and check out this article for tips on how to most easily view your reports.