If you coach a team or lead a group of students in other activities, you can keep an eye on their course grades through the Analysis page. First, make sure that you’ve created a dynamic group for the students on the Groups page. Once that’s done, set Data to Course Grades and Breakout to By Student. Then, under Student Filters, select the group you're interested in. The following example is for a basketball team:


Configure your report in a way that’s most convenient for you. Choose Horizontal Bar Chart from Chart Type, then select Pivot and Desc from the radio buttons beneath that, and your report will look like this:

In Pivot Table View, set Left to By Student and Left Breakout to By Course to see a full picture of your group’s current grades:

Click Saved Reports at the top of the page and give your report a clear, descriptive name. Once you save it, it will be listed under your name so that you can view current information for your team or group any time you like.