The Assessments page allows you to look at any of the assessments that have been entered into Schoolrunner. By default, it displays the most recent assessments recorded, but by using the filters on the left side of the page, you can configure the display to show any assessments you like. This page may also have assessments pre-filtered to show assessments that you have entered.

For example, if you want to review first quarter assessments in the Geology, choose "Geology" from the "Course" dropdown and select the "Q1" box. The color blue indicates that something is selected, so be sure to deselect any other quarters. Also, make sure you clear out any other filters that shouldn't apply. For example, if the page loads with your name selected but you want to see assessments in Geology from any teacher (not just you), clear out the "Teacher" menu entirely.

Scroll down to see all the assessments recorded, and click on an assessment name to view that particular assessment and all its details.

Most of the filters are fairly self-explanatory, and most can be combined to really narrow down the list of assessments displayed. Here is an explanation of some of the less obvious filter options:

  • "Quarter" and "Date"– The quarter selected has precedence over the date range slider, meaning that if you have Q4 selected while the slider is simultaneously set to show a week within the first term, nothing will be displayed. (Naming terminology here respects your school setup; if you use trimesters, you'll see "Trimester" instead of "Quarter".)

  • "Standards & Results" – This allows you to filter out assessments that have no objectives tied to them, among other options.

  • "Standard Count" – This slider allows you to filter by the number of objectives attached to an assessment.

  • "Average Score" – This number represents the average score for all students who have results on the assessment.

  • "Overall Avg. Score" – This number represents the average score for all students listed on the assessment, even if they are missing or excluded.

  • "Has Attachments" – Are there any files attached to the assessment?

  • "Highlight on Report Card" – Was the assessment marked to be shown on report cards?

  • "Highlight on Student Page" – Was the assessment marked to be shown on student pages?