You can add STEP levels and individual STEP results in Schoolrunner. Find the "Add STEP Assessment" button in the upper right-hand corner of the Add Assessment page. This brings you to the Add STEP Assessment page which is very similar to the regular Add Assessment page. Be sure to fill out the assessment details as you would a normal assessment.

By manually adding questions, or downloading and working with a template from the "Import" tab, you can create a STEP assessment definition with the required number of questions for your specific STEP test.

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Enter each student’s individual results or input their overall score to track their current STEP Level.


While we are not able to handle sub­-questions, you can quickly break down one target into three sub-questions, entering the division needed to log student results.

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The STEP tool is currently set up to handle schools that load individual assessments two ways: by the overall level achieved for each student, and by question or objective breakouts of student mastery compared to the target levels in the assessment.

Once results have been added, click on the Analysis tab to get more information. Here are results listed by the percentage of students that mastered each concept:

Hovering over one of the bars shows you which students did or didn’t achieve mastery:

Or you can view the results by student, showing the percentage of concepts they did or did not master:

Hover over the red bars once more to see which concepts that student has yet to master:

If your school has already created a STEP tracking scale, you can find that scale in the Mastery Breakdown Options menu. If you don’t yet have a STEP scale, you can create one from the Configure page.

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