There are a few ways to add information and grades (in addition to regular course grades) to report cards in Schoolrunner. For more about how to comment on report cards, read this article.

By Showing Student Attributes

List custom student attributes on report cards under the student name. More here.

By Using "Highlight on Report Card"

The simplest way to highlight a specific assessment is to use the "Highlight on Report Card" option on the Add Assessment page. This can be retroactively applied to an assessment by editing it. Enter an assessment and set set "Highlight on Report Card" to "Yes". Find this setting in the "Additional Options" element.

That grade will be displayed on the report cards for any section you selected. It will be placed in a table below the normal grades table. Note that using this setting for many assessments may clutter up report cards, so use this judiciously.

By Creating a New Course

If you want additional grades or comments to be displayed in the course grades table, along with a student’s normal courses, you can create a new course from the Configure page.

Under "Sections", select the groups of students for whom you want to add additional grades. Once this is completed you (or other teachers) can enter an assessment for that new course. Although it's possible to create a course in Schoolrunner, it's not possible to create sections. Sections are managed in your SIS and Schoolrunner syncs them in.

By Changing Report Card Settings

You can also configure what appears on a report card by changing your school's settings. Manipulating these settings allows you to choose what information appears on your report cards.Report card settings are found on the Settings page (see the "Setup" menu). For a detailed explanation of each option, please see this article.