There are two types of comments that teachers can leave on report cards: overall comments or course comments. On report cards, overall comments are displayed above the course grades table, and course comments are displayed next to their respective courses.

Comments may be written at any point during the school year, by any teacher, for any student, course, or class. Use the filters menu on the left side of the page to choose the students, courses, or classes you’re interested in. Note that there is a "Fill Down" feature (a small arrow in the bottom right of a comment field). Clicking this arrow will copy the comment down to all students below. 

You can also hover over the clock icon to see a change history of comments.

Overall Comments

To enter an overall comment for a student or a group of students, enter the student/group name in the appropriate field. Note that the title above the comment field reads "Overall Comments".

Remember that any comments here should be general in nature and not related to any particular course. When you're finished typing your comment, a notification above the box will inform you that it has been automatically saved. Overall comments are displayed between the student’s name and his or her grades.

Your school can also configure a default overall comment that appears on all students’ report cards on the Settings page. See this article for more information on default comments.

Course Comments

To enter comments for a specific course, select the course from the filters menu. You can even choose a particular section of a particular course to leave comments for.

Note that the title above the comment field reads "Comments for [Course Name]". Comments automatically save once you finish typing. Type comments for as many or as few students as you wish.

Course comments are displayed in the course grades table.

Course comments also display in progress reports for their respective grading term.