If you have the "Edit Assessment Types" permission, you can add or remove assessment types. This is done from the Configure page by clicking "Edit Assessment Types". This page displays a list of your current assessment types and has a button in the top right-hand corner which enables you to add a new assessment type. These assessment types will be available on the Add Assessment page and in Gradebook, and will be a breakout option for analysis reports.

To add a new assessment type, simply give it a name, choose the schools in your network that it should be available to, and save. To remove an assessment type, click the gear icon and choose "Deactivate".

New assessment types will instantly be available in appropriate drop-down menus. However, be aware that any type of assessment not included in a course’s grading methodology won’t count toward student grades. This means that, after adding a new type of assessment, it must be included in a course’s grading methodology for it to be factored into grades.