The "Academics" menu is where you go to enter or review assessments, progress reports, or report cards. By hovering over "Academics", you’ll be given the following options: Gradebook, Assessments, Add Assessment, Progress Reports, Report Cards, Add Assessment Summary, Bulk Assessment Import.


The Gradebook feature allows you to get a comprehensive view of student performance on assessments or standards for any given course. Read more about it here or watch a video tutorial.


The Assessments page displays a list of all assessments that have been entered into Schoolrunner. Use the filter menu on the left to focus on only those assessments that you care about. To learn more about the Assessments page, click here.

Add Assessment

Clicking on "Add Assessment" enables teachers to input new assessments into Schoolrunner. After entering basic information about the assessment, teachers are able to import, manually input, or scan their students’ results into the system. To learn more about the Add Assessment page, click here.

Progress Reports

At any point during the year, you can use the Progress Reports page to view progress reports for grade levels, homerooms, courses, or individual students. The filters on the left allow you to configure your reports just the way you want them. See here and here to learn more about progress reports in Schoolrunner.

Report Cards

The Report Cards page is where staff are able to configure and generate report cards at the end of each grading term. This is also where teachers and administrators can enter comments to appear either at the top of a report card as a general comment, or next to a particular course. Learn more about setting up report cards herehere, and here. For specifics on report card comments, see here.

Add Assessment Summary

The Add Assessment Summary page is like a pared-down version of the Add Assessment page. It enables you to enter an overall score or average for an assessment without including individual student results.

Bulk Assessment Import

The Bulk Assessment Import page was specifically designed to import iLEAP files.