Once student results are recorded and saved, you can view them in a horizontal bar chart, a pie chart, and listed out according to section in a table. This feature is found on the assessment page itself, and is most powerful for multi-question assessments, but can be used for any assessment logged in Schoolrunner. Hover over segments of the pie chart to get a percentage summary of students that received the grade you’re hovering over. 

To analyze assessment results in a deeper fashion, however, click on the "Analysis" tab.

Click on "Mastery Breakdown Options" to get different perspectives on your assessment. Sort the chart by standards/objectives (if present), students, questions, tags (if present) or sections.

Just like on the Analysis page, hovering over different segments on the bar chart shows you a summary of what constitutes that bar, and clicking on it shows the raw information behind it (on the right side of the screen).

Remember that it's possible to curve your assessment as well. Click here to learn more about how curves work in Schoolrunner.