The choices available under the "Additional Options" section allow you to take full control over various aspects of your assessment. Click to open this element when you're creating or editing an assessment.

Yes and No Buttons

  • Highlight on Student Page – Do you want results from this assessment to be displayed on student pages in Schoolrunner? (use judiciously so student pages don't get cluttered)

  • Highlight on Report Card – Do you want results from this assessment to be displayed on report cards? (use judiciously so report cards don't get cluttered)

  • Enter Grades by Level  Do you want to enter in assessment levels (letter grades, mastery levels, etc.) instead of numeric values? (Schoolrunner will automatically translate levels into percentages)

  • Active – Should this assessment count toward course grades (assuming it's included in your methodology)? Should it show up throughout the site on pages such as Analysis and Assessments without having to change filters?

  • Required – Do all students need to have results for this assessment? Should students who do not turn in this assessment receive a zero?

Other Options

  • Weight – this determines whether your assessment should calculate into your course methodology equal to other assessments of the same type, or if it should count as two assessments (enter 2), three assessments (enter 3), and so on

  • Department – a fixed field, displaying the department that your course is a part of

  • Grading Scale Set – by default, this is the grading scale set that the assessment's course is set to, but you can change it here if necessary

  • Grading Scale Levels – if you use standards-based grading and want students' levels to hit a ceiling, select the levels you want to make available here (blue is selected, gray is unselected)

  • Teacher Comments – leave any comments, thoughts, or notes about this assessment in this field for future reference or for the benefit of others

  • Attachments – attach any relevant documents here; if you import a file to this assessment, that file will be automatically saved here