Once you’ve created a report, there are many different ways to view it. Use the "Chart Display" menu to choose different breakout options and different chart types. Click "Dataset & Filters" to bring up this menu. Bar charts are the default chart when you first create a report.


There are three other types of charts in Schoolrunner and, depending on your data set and intention, some offer better views than others.

Horizontal Bar Chart

Pie Chart

Donut Chart

Sorting Options

In addition to various chart type choices, you also have the option to sort the data in your report several ways. This is especially useful if you have several categories to compare. Use the radio buttons above your chart to further modify your sorting.


Charts are stacked by default. In this example, it means that different levels of assessment results are organized vertically into one column, rather than having separate columns for each level. Click "Grouped" to see separate columns:

Avg. Score

This option, found in the "Result Filters" tab for academic reports, allows you to toggle between raw scores and gradebook scores (in the event that a scale has been applied, some students have an IEP, or scores have been elevated to a minimum level). The difference isn’t extremely conspicuous in the bars here, but compare the line representing the average score in these two screenshots:

Where to find the "Avg. Score" toggle:


These options control the order in which the categories along the horizontal axis of the chart are ordered. "A-Z" lists categories alphabetically:

"Avg" organizes your information according to average values (displayed by the average profile line, in blue):

"Pivot" sorts your information according to the pivot level selected in the "Pivot" drop-down menu (found in the "Chart Display" tab when you click "Data & Filters"). The pivot in this example is "%C and Above", so every assessment that is at C-level or higher is displayed above the zero line, and those under that level fall below the line:

Select another pivot level to see your report adjust accordingly:

Where to find the "Pivot" dropdown:


These buttons determine whether your data is displayed in ascending order from left to right (default) or descending order: