You may find it useful to display certain student groups on your homepage for quick reference when logging in. These groups can range from absent student groups to sports teams to intervention groups. After creating your group, and before you save it, click "Yes" under "Show a List of the Current Members on the Homepage". This is located under the "Save Filter" menu.

To have a group show up on the homepage for your entire school (or entire network of schools) instead of just yourself, choose the appropriate selection from the "Show Up in Dropdowns For" menu.

If someone else has created a dynamic group that you would like to add to your own homepage, do this by bringing up a list of created groups under the "Existing Filters" menu. Click the + icon next to the group you’re interested in to add it to your list of groups. You may need to edit the group to have it show up on your homepage. To do so, load the group follow the steps above, and click the "Save" button (not the "Save Copy" button).