Yes! If you’re interested in scheduling automatic resets of detentions, there are four different ways you can configure a scheduled task. When you start to add a scheduled task and choose "Reset all detentions" from the "Type" dropdown, you’ll see the following fields and options:

Give your task a clear, descriptive name. Choose the time(s) and day(s) that you want it to run, and choose the student group that this detention reset should apply to. If you’ve configured lunch detentions in Schoolrunner, you can also decide if this task should apply only to lunch detentions by choosing "Yes" for "Lunch Detentions". By default, "Reset all detentions" tasks apply only to regular detentions.

Once you’ve set up the basic information that’s outlined above, you can configure the "Max Value" field and the toggle the "Floor" button. The combination of these two options determines how your detention reset will behave.

Any time that "Floor" = "Yes", partial detentions will be removed. Any time that there is a number entered in the "Max Value" field, students with more than that number of detentions will be brought down to that number. If there is no number in the "Max Value" field and "Floor" =  "No" the detention reset will make sure that any students with negative detention values get brought up to zero. This is the only configuration that deals with negative values.

Here is an outline of the four configurations. Note the summary of the task’s function after the group name in the "Description" column.