If you’re configuring your school’s scheduled tasks, it’s good to know how two options work. "Floor Balances" and "Floor" are similarly named but have different functions.

Floor Balances

The "Floor Balances" option is available only when you select "Give a behavior" under the task type and only affects cash balances.

Selecting "Yes" on the "Floor Balances" option tells Schoolrunner to check student balances before applying the behavior specified for this task. When Schoolrunner checks the balances, any student in the negative will be brought up to at least zero.

For example, in the above screenshot, everyone in the Bard Raptors group is scheduled to get a deposit of 10 merits at 7AM on weekdays. Since "Floor Balances" is set to "Yes", any student in that group who has a merit count of zero or above will have 10 merits added to their balance. Any student with a negative value will also have 10 added to their balance and, if they would still be in the negative, brought up to zero.

Note: it may happen that a student has her balance floored and then, within the same day, earns more merits than she was given to reach zero in the initial floor. If this happens, and then she has balances floored again in the same day, the value given to her to get her up to zero initially (from the first flooring) will be deducted.


The "Floor" option is available only on the "Reset all detentions" task type.

"Floor" simply has the function of removing partially earned detentions, but does not alter fully earned detentions (though you can do this with the "Max Value" field).