Within Schoolrunner’s "SIS Sync Settings", you have the ability ignore standard contact fields in your SIS in favor of custom fields. This option allows you to configure and manage those contact fields directly in Schoolrunner. Using this option to specify custom fields allows you to determine which contact information shows up on the Schoolrunner mobile app, the student page and student information summaries throughout your site.

In order to take advantage of this feature in Schoolrunner, ensure that you select "Yes" for "SIS – Ignore Standard Contact Fields".

For this feature to work properly, each contact field should have a consistent naming pattern. For example: Primary Contact 1Primary Contact 2Primary Contact 3, etc.

As illustrated in the screenshot above, any partner field corresponding to Primary Contact 1 should have the number 1 after it: Relationship to Scholar 1Home Phone 1Cell Phone 1, etc. All fields for Primary Contact 2 should follow the same naming conventions, but with a 2: Relationship to Scholar 2Home Phone 2Cell Phone 2, and so forth.

When you set up these options correctly, you’re essentially creating a template for Schoolrunner to reference when you import your new Student Attributes. We will automatically group partner fields together: all the 1 fields with Primary Contact 1, all the 2 fields with Primary Contact 2, and so on.

Here is an example of what well-named fields look like:

Just be sure to enter in the number of total contact fields you’ve created in the Number of Contact Fields box. In this system in the screenshot, we’ll search as far as Primary Contact 5 (and all of its partner fields).

Once this is correctly done, the next sync will pull in all information and display it on the student page and in the mobile app!