The Configure page lists many options that allow you to configure Schoolrunner in a way that reflects your school. Options are organized into four categories: Academics, Attendance, Culture, and People.

Don't worry if you don't see all of the items listed above: many depend on having the right permissions, as determined by your school's Schoolrunner administrator. The "Edit Types" links let you take control over your Schoolrunner site in places like the Communication page, Intervention page, etc. Each page has its own configurations, which you can read about in individual articles, but there are a few things common to most pages. 

Reordering and Sorting

Most pages have lists that allow you to drag and reorder items in the list, as in the following video. Note that this feature isn't on all pages; you'll know you can reorder lists if your mouse changes to a multidirectional arrow and three grip dots appear on the left of the row you're hovering over. Each time you move something around, the order will be saved and display will be updated elsewhere in the Schoolrunner site. On the pages where it's not possible to reorder items, you can sort each column by ascending or descending values.

Tool Tips
Most pages also have tool tips to help you make sense of attributes of the particular type.

These "Types" pages also all have a gear icon on the far right of each item listed. Click this to see what your options are. Generally, you can choose to edit, duplicate, or deactivate the item. Some pages may not allow for all of these options, such as the Grade Levels page.