From the Configure page, there are three ways you can configure aspects of your intervention system. You'll need to have the correct permissions to see the relevant links.

Intervention Levels

Use the "Edit Intervention Levels" link to deactivate levels that don't fit with your school, edit names as needed, and add new levels.

Set "All Schools" to "Yes" to make this option available across your entire network.


Intervention Type Groups

Configure the groups of interventions in Schoolrunner to match the culture of your schools using the "Edit Intervention Types Groups" link on the Configure page. You can deactivate existing types that are no longer relevant to your school or edit how those types appear in Schoolrunner. Add a new intervention type group by selecting the green button in the upper right-hand corner.

Enter in the new intervention type group, and save.

NOTE: If you have two or more schools in your network, intervention type groups apply to all schools. They aren't configurable to be school-specific at this time, like intervention types and intervention levels are.

Intervention Types

Add a new type of intervention by selecting the "Edit Intervention Types" link on the Configure page. Edit existing types by selecting the gear icons. You can use the "All Schools" column to determine if an intervention type is available at all schools in your network.

Add a new intervention type using the green upper right-hand corner button to add a new type. Select "Yes" for the "Mental Health" field to make this intervention viewable only by those with the "Mental Health" permission. Select "Yes" for "All Schools" to add this new type to the dropdown for all schools in your network. Align the new type to a group using the dropdown.