Copying assessments can save precious time if you frequently give assessments that are similarly structured and receive similar results, day after day or week after week. Start by navigating to the assessment that you want to serve as a template and clicking the "Copy" button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

This creates a copy of the original assessment. The only difference is the title, which you can edit to reflect the new assessment you want to save. In this example, "Week 4" is updated to "Week 5", and the "(copy)" suffix is removed.

Remember that when you copy an assessment, students and results are also copied over. If you frequently give assessments that students score consistently on, you can simply click into the "Input" tab and update any scores or responses that are different from the original assessment.

Note that copying assessments is only possible within a single school since this feature brings over all the students that are on the assessment. If you're interested in copying an assessment template across schools in your network, you can do this with an assessment's definition. Learn more here.