If course grades look incorrect, it's possible to manually initiate a grade recalculation. Start by navigating to the Configure page (under the "Setup" menu) and clicking on "Recalculate Grades", listed in the "Academics" category. (Your Configure page may look different than the following screenshot – don't fret! The options you see are determined by the permissions you have.)

From the respective dropdown menus, you'll be able to select the grading term(s) and course(s) for which you want to recalculate grades. Although you have the option to select individual terms, it's advisable to recalculate grades for all terms, including Y1 grades, to make sure that all calculations accurately reflect both grading and course methodologies. Once you make your selections, you'll see the number of course grades that will be recalculated, which is based on the number of students enrolled in your selected courses.

(Note: Grades will NOT recalculate for any quarters that have been locked.)

When Course Grades Recalculate Automatically

Course grades recalculate automatically in several situations:

  • when an assessment is created or modified
  • when a course methodology is changed (we also calculate upstream, meaning that if the Y1 methodology contains Q1, and you edit the Q1 methodology, the Y1 methodology will also recalculate)
  • when these course attributes are updated (found when editing a course): default grading scale set, credits, standards-based grading status, exclude missing status, active status

When to  Recalculate Course Grades Manually

You may want to recalculate course grades manually in the following situations:

  • course grades for students are deactivated (gray and crossed out) on a course page
  • after updates to academic settings on the Settings page
  • a grading scale has changed on the Edit Grading Scales page
  • students have received course grade overrides
  • you want to confirm you're seeing the most up-to-date grades