In Schoolrunner, every student is attached to a few different numbers which come from various places. Keeping them all straight is fairly straightforward once you understand where they all come from and what they represent. This document will give you an overview of the student numbers you encounter in Schoolrunner.

SIS Student Number

This number is displayed on student pages and is found in many Schoolrunner exports as well (see chart at bottom). This comes directly from your SIS and is sourced from student number fields, which are different for each SIS but are usually obviously labelled, such as: "student_number" (PowerSchool), "studentnumber" (Infinite Campus), "stu_id" (TxEIS), "sidno" (JPAMS), etc.

Each time Schoolrunner syncs with your SIS, it checks the "SIS Student Number" field. Edit this field from within your SIS in order to see the change reflected in Schoolrunner upon the next sync. This number is not searchable using the quick search bar, but it's almost always identical to the "Schoolrunner Student Number" which is searchable.

(Schoolrunner) Student Number

The number found above an SIS Student Number on a student page is referred to either as the Schoolrunner Student Number or simply as the Student Number (note the absence of reference to any SIS). 

This number is assigned by Schoolrunner and will match the "SIS Student Number" unless: 1) a student doesn't have an "SIS Student Number", or 2) the "SIS Student Number" (and a matching "Schoolrunner Student Number") is already in use by another active student. In both of these situations, Schoolrunner will assign a different, unique number for the "Schoolrunner Student Number". To get both numbers to match, students must have a unique "SIS Student Number". This will be picked up and updated during Schoolrunner's weekly reprocess of your school's database (contact your School Happiness Coordinator for more details).

The title of the "Schoolrunner Student Number" is configurable. Using the Naming Convention Settingsyou can choose to change the nomenclature of students throughout the site, including for this title. Thus, if your school refers to a student as a "scholar" or "Blue Hawk", and you have configured the settings accordingly, this number will be titled as "Scholar Number" or "Blue Hawk Number". The "Student Number" is searchable in the quick search bar.

State Student Number

If you keep track of "state student number" in your SIS, Schoolrunner can detect this and will display it below the "SIS Student Number" on student pages. This can be updated in Schoolrunner by updating it in your SIS and waiting for the next sync. It is not searchable through the quick search bar.

Student ID 

This number is generated by Schoolrunner and is unique to each student record in your school. It doesn't show up anywhere on our website or mobile app, but you can see it in the URL of a student page or when hovering over a link to the student's page. This number cannot be changed and is not searchable using the quick search bar.

External ID/Student ID

This is a number assigned to student records by your SIS. It's not possible to change this number in any way, nor is it searchable in Schoolrunner. It's generally useful only for database managers or SIS administrators. It shows up in the Schoolrunner system only in grade exports where the column is titled "StudentID".

Numbers In Exports