It's easy to copy methodologies across multiple courses and even throughout an entire school (but it's not possible to copy methodologies from one school to another). Just follow the steps below.

Let's say you'd like to copy Math Intervention's grading methodology over to Algebra I. Ensure that you have the appropriate grading methodology set up for all terms (and Y1) for Math Intervention (read more on configuring methodologies here). Then, head on over to the Manage Grading Methodologies page.Choose Math Intervention from the "Course" dropdown menu and scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you'll see the "Copy Grading Methodologies" option.

Click on this and you'll see it expand to display the following:

The first option allows you to select a term or terms and copy them over to a specific course. As you can see in the example below, you can select Quarters 1-4 and Year 1 from the "Select Terms" field, and then click on the "Select Courses" dropdown to choose Algebra 1.

Click "Copy & Replace" to your right and you'll receive a confirmation message asking if you're sure you'd like to copy and replace these items. If you're sure, click "Go Ahead" and you'll see another message confirming that your items have been copied.This will immediately be followed by an automatic recalculation of grades for the selected course (don't leave the page just yet!), which will alert you once all grades have been successfully recalculated.

If you only wish to copy one quarter's methodology to a course, you can do that too. Choose as many or as few items to copy as you like. Just be sure to check on that course once you've finished copying to ensure that all quarters (and Y1) are configured to your liking. 

In order to copy grading methodologies from term to term within one specific course, you can use the second option offered at the bottom of the page under "Copy Grading" methodologies. Here, you can choose to copy Q1's methodology to Q3, or you can copy Q1 to Q2, Q3, and Q4 if you like. 

Again, you can copy one term's methodologies to as few or as many other terms as you like – just be sure when you're done that the entire course is configured properly. When you've chosen all your terms, click "Copy and Replace" and wait until your grades have finished recalculating before you click away.

Please note that if you have multiple schools in your network, you cannot copy methodologies across schools.