"Term bins" are divisions of the school year, ranging from quarters to semesters to the full school year. Schoolrunner may sync in the dates that define your term bins from your school's SIS, in which case you should always maintain them there. If we don't sync in this information, you can add or modify term bins via the Configure page. If you have the "Edit Term Bins" permission, you'll be able to locate the following link on the Configure page.

The Edit Term Bins page allows you to view all terms that are configured in your system, their start and end dates, and whether or not they're locked. You can sort any column by ascending or descending order by clicking on the column title. Use the buttons at top right on your screen to see any inactive term bins or to add a new term bin.

Working with term bins is fairly straightforward. Click the "Add Term Bin" button to add a new one or use the gear button to edit an existing term bin. You'll be able to determine the term bin's attributes and whether or not it's active and/or locked. Just make sure that when you add a term bin, the start and end dates are unique (i.e. the term bin doesn't span the same date range as another term bin).

Locking Grades

If you choose to lock grades for a term bin, any course grades within that term will be frozen as of the moment you select Yes and save it. Be aware that users will still be able to access, modify, and update results for any assessments that fall within the locked term, but those updates will not affect course grades. Manual recalculations will also have no effect on locked course grades. Keep this in mind! If you know that assessments are being updated but those updates aren't being reflected in course grades, it may be a result of locked terms. Locked term bins are clearly identified by a green checkmark under the respective column. (Click here for other troubleshooting tips for course grades.)